Smart Compliance

We believe that compliance in the field of sustainability should not be a cost, but a moment of development of new products more focused on social dynamics and closer to the real economy, this is why we have set up a desk to get answers as quickly and quickly as possible.

Smart compliance


  • Definition of sustainability policies
  • Dedicated engagement
  • Active collaboration in social impact projects


  • Implementation of the enity level information
  • Implementation of pre-contractual information and products policy
  • Assessment «light» or «dark» green

For enterprises



We attend at the conversion into benefit corporations by implementing new industrial, economic and financial procedures. This aims to an higher profitability and to promote:

  1. Investment by social impact investment funds
  2. Access to new streams of financing
  3. Debt restructuring procedures through workers buy out
  4. Networking with other benefit corporations.

For Banks



We help banks in the structure, management and measurement of the their impact investing initiatives.

Through the promotion of investment funds dedicated to social housing and workers buy out we offer an innovative support to the management of NPL.

For investors



We select, monitor and manage impact investing enterprises.

We measure and report the social impact outcome.

We establish and structure social impact funds and bonds.