Paola Salzani

Paola is graduated in Classics with a majoring in Prehistoric Archaeology (Università di Trento, 1999, maxima). She attended the School of Archaeology and a PhD in Humanities, Philosophy, History and Cultural Heritage (Università Statale di Milano Р2002, maxima). She worked in many archaeological excavations on the territory of Verona, and works closely with the Archaeological Superintendence of Veneto. From 2006 to 2009 she was a collaborator of the Prehistory Section of the Museum of Natural History of Verona, with contracts for the design, management and coordination of research activities, the museum displays and exhibitions. She has had assignments coordination of apprenticeships, internships, educational museum that is on the territory of the province. Since 2013, Paola is conservative at Civic Archaeological Museum of Cologna Veneta. She is member of Archeonaute non-profit organization that deals with education and enhancement within the municipality of Verona and the province. (Http:// Since 2012 Paola is professor of Italian precarious, History, Geography in the Secondary School of First Instance.